Texas Tea Slot Machine Game

The wide expanse of the state of Texas in the USA is famous for its oilfields and the oil billionaires it has helped create. In the late 1960s, a television show Beverly Hillbillies was the first instance where a phrase called Texas Tea was used as a euphemism for the oil of Texas. That became the inspiration for a Southern and Texas-themed game called Texas Tea, which is brought to you by IGT.

Texas Tea slots have a 5-reel and 9-payline structure. You can manually adjust how many paylines you wish to employ for each round. There are two bonus features which we will describe in greater detail later in this review. You need not go to a real casino to play Texas Tea casino slot online. It can be downloaded on to your desktop or on your smartphone and played from the comfort of your home. The backdrop of Texas Tea slot is the Wild West, and all the symbols are aligned accordingly. The main character is Texas Ted who displays all the characteristics of a typical Texan oil magnate. Imagine a typical oil billionaire with a drawl, a cigar, a long blue convertible and of course a cowboy hat, and you get an idea of what a player could expect. The high quality of this game has made Ted retain his popularity for almost two decades. But it is not only the imagery and the quality of the graphics and sound that make for a winning combination. Let us look at how the rules of Texas Tea game can help you win money as well.

How to Play

You can choose to play the Texas Tea free version if you are just starting off. That is a good strategy because the minimum and maximum bets are geared towards big-time players and not small betters. So when you begin to play Texas Tea for real money in any casinos online, make sure you go through the paytable and familiarise yourself with all the symbols and their payouts. Here is a list of the returns associated with each symbol:

Armadillo – 5 of a kind brings you 500x, 4 of a kind gives 150x, and so on.

Aeroplane – 5 of a kind pays 250x, 4 of a kind pays 100x, and so on.

Prize Bull – 5 of a kind gives 250x, 4 of a kind gives 100x, and so on.

Convertible – 5 of a kind pays 250x, 4 of a kind pays 100x, and so on.

Yellow Rose – 5 of a kind gives 100x, 4 of a kind pays 25x, and so on.

Bluebonnet – 5 of a kind brings 100x, 4 of a kind gives 25x, and so on.

Purple Cactus – 5 of a kind brings 100x, 4 of a kind gives 25x, and so on.

You will find a large yellow button on the dashboard which also holds the game controls and also shows how you are currently placed. This yellow button can be used by you for each spin when you play Texas Tea Slots machine online.

There are also the Win and Balance windows, which respectively show you the amounts you have won so far and the amount of money left over from your deposits. If you are planning on spending a long time in casinos online playing, you can make use of the Auto Spin button which will bring up the menu for you to choose from. You can go in for play lines in which you select anything from 10 to 50 spins. You can also enhance your gaming experience by using the wrench button to modify the graphics and sound settings.

Winning Tips

Let us talk about the bonus rounds now which can suggest useful tips to enhance your winnings. The Texas Ted symbol is the Scatter for this game, and when you land three such symbols in a row, you set off the bonus round called Oil Dividend. This acts like jackpots you have won because this round entitles you to become a partner in the enterprise!

Watch out for the Oil Derrick symbol which triggers the Big Oil bonus round. Make the best use of these rounds, and you will not miss the free spins that you might have come to expect. There is a very low variance in this game, so the wins might not be too big, but they will occur fairly regularly at short intervals. The RTP of 96.2% allows you a high chance of getting attractive wins under your belt. No cheats can be used here.

Overall Impressions

We generally associate an oil well (and anything to do with drilling for oil) with great riches and large amounts of money. This game might not give you all the riches you aim for, but the humorous way the character of Ted is etched out, and the frequent but moderate wins he gives will keep you interested. You can maximise your wins whenever you play any of the two available bonus rounds. The producers of the game have brought in several innovations in the sound and graphics, and the interactive surround sound and lifelike graphics in three dimensions make it worthwhile to keep on playing for bigger wins. We have given you all the details of the online version, but you might also want to try out the original if you get a chance. The online version didn’t disappoint us, though, and we have no hesitation in recommending it.